Comment: It’s survival, club can’t be sentimental

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Tynecastle has seen its fair share of dramatic days in recent times.

The arrival of Ann Budge was unlikely to be anything else.

And so it proved as the Queen of Hearts moved swiftly, ending the reign of Gary Locke and the mainstays of his team, while returning a previous Prince of Tynecastle in the shape of Craig Levein to court.

Coming as it did on the back of positive momentum behind the club as the team rallied in the final weeks of the season, it was not perhaps the news which many Jambos were expecting.

It was instead a hard-headed business decision designed to ensure that the club survives its trip down to the Championship, lives within its means, and ultimately returns to the top division

The worse possible result from all the incredible efforts to save Hearts over the last year would be for the club to follow the example of Rangers and head straight into more financial uncertainty.

Stability is required, which is what yesterday’s moves were aimed at achieving.

The losers in all this are of course the likes of Gary Locke, who has done a good job in the most difficult circumstances, and the players who took wage cuts and pledged their loyalty to the cause. The fans will feel for them today.

But as Budge demonstrated, this is not a time for sentimentality, it’s about survival.

Virgin trams?

It would be the ultimate seal of approval for the trams.

Sir Richard Branson may not have been entirely serious when he suggested he may get involved in the project but why not? It will take private investment and vision to develop a network, and may even prove slightly easier and cheaper for Sir Richard than sending passengers into space (well, maybe). Watch this space, Virgin Tramatic could be on its way.