Comment: Just remember to take the chippy sauce with you

At the art school in Glasgow. Picture: Creative Commons
At the art school in Glasgow. Picture: Creative Commons
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What is the best thing to come out of Glasgow?

The only acceptable answer to that question has got to be... the M8. Why would anyone want to waste a day out in a city where it always rains?

As citizens of Scotland’s Capital (yep, that’s one up to us already), we are hardwired to mock our near neighbours in the west. Let’s face it, it’s fun. We enjoy it just as much as they enjoy taking the mick out of us.

Forget Celtic versus Hearts or Rangers versus Hibs, it often feels like the big sporting rivalry between the two cities is actually the verbal sparring that takes place every day in bars and workplaces.

But do we really think we’re superior or that Glasgow has nothing to offer?

Well, if we are really honest, we love the pedestrianised city centre and the great shopping on offer, the big gigs and the cheap taxis. Then there are great attractions like the Glasgow Science Centre, the chic lanes of the West End and “hidden gems” like the subterranean streets beneath Central Station.

Of course we know that Glasgow is a great city - even if we’re not always prepared to admit it.

Do we make the most of having it on our doorstep? Probably not.

In this case, familiarity does not really breed contempt, but it certainly leads to things being taken for granted. Just like we never really make the most of the great attractions in our own city, we just don’t think about going to visit Glasgow in the way we would somewhere like York or Durham, or even Amsterdam or Budapest. It means we often end up travelling further and sometimes seeing only a fraction of the attractions we would in Glasgow.

The City Swap is a great idea and a well timed campaign as the weak pound makes holidaying at home all the more attractive.

Try Glasgow, you won’t regret it. Just remember to take the chippy sauce with you to go with your tea.