Comment: ‘Just think what Patrick or Jay would do’

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INSPIRATION can be found in many places . . . sometimes even in the youngest residents of our city.

Today we feature two stories of schoolboys who, with the help and support of their families and the skill of medical staff, have achieved things that no-one thought possible.

Firstly little Patrick Convery, a boy who may not have been here at all but for the expertise of surgeons who performed a life-saving heart operation on him when he was just a baby.

He didn’t just survive, he thrived into a daredevil seven-year-old who is now fronting a new TV ad campaign for the British Heart Foundation.

Then there’s eight-year-old Jay Johnson, a boy we have featured regularly over the years.

Born with cerebral palsy, he has defied doctors by walking and even playing football after a miracle operation three years ago.

His family now need to raise more money for further treatment and we fully support their endeavours.

The boys may not know each other but their stories share an inspiring message.

The next time you think something is impossible, just think what Patrick or Jay would do.

Tomorrow’s voters

Staying with youngsters, plans to allow teenagers to submit petitions to the City Chambers seem like a no-brainer.

Capitalising on the the momentum created by allowing 16-year-olds the vote in the referendum and widening the access to local government for the young can only be a good thing.

Whether councillors would fancy being grilled on some of the issues proposed – notably investment in city schools and why only some pupils are given council funded iPads – is another matter.

But today’s schoolchildren are tomorrow’s voters and they would be wise to take note of what they have to say.