Comment: Keir Rodger should have been in prison

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kEIR Rodger should have been in prison when he was boasting on Facebook about 
 going on a “rampage” and leading police on a high-speed chase.

Instead he had been freed under the Scottish Government’s automatic early release programme. He qualified for being let out early despite attacking takeaway driver Simon San in the run-up to his death, racking up a string of further offences and continuing to commit crimes while he was on bail.

And all this after Alex Salmond promised to crack down on the early release of Scotland’s most serious offenders.

Rodger still qualified for early release without any strings because he had been sentenced to less than ten years in prison. That supposed crackdown means many murderers still qualify for automatic early release.

In Rodger’s case, he is undoubtedly a dangerous criminal who has no respect for the law. We can only hope that the courts really throw the book at him this time. Sadly, though, he will still be freed early. That does not feel like justice.

Whole new ball game

The dramatic arrival of Leeann Dempster and Anne Budge in Edinburgh football has to be a cause for celebration.The pair have outstanding track records and will bring many great strengths to Hibs and Hearts respectively. The fact they are both women with a business background outside of football is likely to be a great advantage.

The men who have been running Scottish football for years have brought their own expertise. But one thing we can expect from these two is some fresh thinking – and who could say that our national game could not use that. There are so many other attractions fighting for our attention these days. Maybe they can find new ways to attract more women, children and men back to the game.