Comment: Lesley Hinds stands out for determination

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DECIDING who the most influential people of the year are is a difficult job. Indeed, there can never be any robust criteria to compare the importance of a football manager, a comedian, an MP and a scientist.

Professor Peter Higgs has undeniably been the Edinburgh name that has attracted the most global attention, especially after his Nobel prize; Susan Boyle has continued to sell records by the truckload and bravely revealed her Asperger’s diagnosis; while Edinburgh’s Gordon Strachan has given us hope that our national football team can once again be a source of pride.

However, for sheer determination in the face of public negativity, Councillor Lesley Hinds stands out.

The mistakes made at the beginning of the tram project were not hers. But as transport convener she has ensured the revised timetable and budget has been met, and the trams have now reached the testing stage on Princes Street.

Whether you love or hate the trams, we need to make them work. And Cllr Hinds has been key in ensuring this will happen.

Waiting game

SHOULD Andy Murray have received a knighthood in this year’s New Year’s Honours list?

Murray himself would agree that it should take much more than winning a tennis tournament to justify one of the highest honours in the land. And we’re sure he wouldn’t fancy the locker room ribbing from his fellow players.

So, an honour when he retires from the sport is the most 

The problem, and the controversy, stems from the fact that many other sports stars have been given knighthoods in the middle of their careers after winning big events. Bradley Wiggins is the most recent example. So why is Englishman Wiggins a worthy recipient, while the Scot Murray has to wait?