Comment: Let’s bin the rubbish once and for all

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It has become as predictable when the sun comes out as ice cream vans pitching up at the Meadows.

Once again, Edinburgh’s holiday weekend has had a whiff of disappointment caused by overflowing bins.

Problems have been reported again at Portobello prom, Holyrood Park, Leith Links, and the Meadows – basically anywhere people would congregate when the weather is nice and they have a bit of time off.

Opposition politicians are once again questioning planning and the priorities of the environment department and we would have to agree.

Just as the council plans for severe weather in the winter, everyone knows what the result of a sustained period of nice weather will be and surely the bin pick-ups should be adjusted to cope.

At a time of year when there will inevitably be many visitors in the city, this becomes even more important. How many holiday snaps will have litter strewn in the background?

The city council has been very proactive on litter and is running many successful campaigns which we support.

Its rapid response ability is once again under the spotlight, however, and we hope lessons will be learned before we (hopefully) enjoy a proper heatwave.

We have to get this right and there must be the ability to divert resources quickly to respond to demand.

But there is also, let’s not forget, a responsibility on all of us not to turn our beautiful city into a dustbin.

Yes, the council has a responsibility to make sure the bins are emptied but it’s difficult to understand why anyone would look at an overflowing bin and decide to drop rubbish beside it rather than just take it away.

The arrival of the sun is welcome, the return of an old problem not so much.