Comment: Let’s get the bins sorted

Rubbish has been mounting up.
Rubbish has been mounting up.
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Rubbish is clearly a subject close to many of your hearts.

Or to be more accurate clean streets are something you care about – passionately. The response since we first highlighted the staggering number of complaints you have been making about missed collections and rubbish piling up on the streets has been enormous. It is clear that you want to see something done.

So it is encouraging to see the city targeting traders who are failing to make proper arrangements for their rubbish to be taken away. Everyone has to follow the rules. Those who flagrantly break them deserve to be fined.

The problem of rubbish piling up in the street always starts with one person dumping waste beside a full bin. As soon as a single black bag is left lying on the pavement, others inevitably seem to follow. If the street is starting to look like a tip, the logic seems to be, then another bag won’t make much difference. Soon, it can be another bag, and another – then it is an old box, and a mattress, and so on.

The city needs to be far quicker in tackling rubbish dumping on the streets. Tackling those the traders who break the rules is a good start, but the problem goes far wider than that. The thousands of complaints every month across the city show and the pictures you send us of rubbish on the streets show that.

Emptying bins isn’t rocket science. It seems clear we either don’t have enough bin men in the Capital or they are not well enough organised. There is certainly an element of the latter – given that some are allowed to knock off after working half a shift while waste is left to pile up in other streets. The problem may well be down to an element of both.

So let’s get on and get it sorted. And, until then, keep sending us your pictures of where things are going wrong. The council, remember, has pledged to clear every site.