Comment: Lord Provost leading by example

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as Edinburgh’s first citizen, the Lord Provost is expected to represent the city and uphold its 

Tomorrow Donald Wilson will do just that when he takes on the London Marathon in aid of the Jamie Skinner Foundation and the Provost’s own charity, One City Trust. Leading by example, he will tread the streets of the UK capital to help make Edinburgh one of the best cities in the world for responding to the kind of sudden heart failure that tragically claims the lives of at least 12 young people, and countless older citizens, every week.

Like so many of us, he was deeply touched by the death of talented young footballer Jamie and the determination of his grieving family to do whatever they can to prevent another family suffering in the same way.

Regular readers of this newspaper will know all about the Skinner family’s work to save lives – with your help – by putting a life-saving defibrillator in every sports centre in the Lothians.

Councillor Wilson was determined to do what he could to play his part. Over the last few months he has undergone a gruelling training programme to get fit for an athletic challenge that he barely thought possible a year ago.

The slog has been worth it. Today he is feeling fit and confident, as well as enjoying the deep satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are helping to save lives.

Generous supporters have already pledged around £5000 to be split between the two charities which means that the Jamie Skinner Foundation will receive at least enough to cover almost the entire cost of two heart-start machines.

If you haven’t done so yet, there is still time to make a donation, by visiting or sending cheques payable to the Jamie Skinner Foundation to the Lord Provost at the City Chambers.