Comment: Message they have sent is tram’s a bogey

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THERE is quiet seething within the City Chambers and the newly-formed Transport for Edinburgh after Royal Highland Show organisers told the public that they didn’t recommend using the tram to get to the annual jamboree.

While the show is much-loved by many, it is also synonymous with tailbacks on the surrounding roads. So with the tram up and running in time for this year’s event, you might thing organisers would direct people towards the tram and organise shuttle buses for those who didn’t want to walk the 1500 yards from the Ingliston stop to the showground entrance.

Instead, the message that has been sent is: the tram’s a bogey. There’s a big event in west Edinburgh, expect gridlock at rush hour, the tram cost £776 million, but it doesn’t help. There are obvious limitations on the route – which the News has covered extensively – but we all have a role in ensuring the current line supports the maximum number of people.

One-man litter war

There are few bigger gripes in our communities than litter. From fly-tipping to downright laziness, rubbish plagued streets are a constant moan.

But how many of us actually do anything about it (other than blame the city council of course)?

Dad-of-two Alistair Blakey did and we tell today how he has launched a one-man crusade to clean-up his local area after being frustrated by the mess. He is to be commended for his community spirit in taking pride in his local area and making it better for everyone.

Of course the city council should be doing this instead and clearly they need to be doing a much better job in this community. Ironically, this is something which might well now happen as a result of Alistair’s actions.

Perhaps if more of us took a leaf out of Alistair’s book, the war on litter is a fight we might just win.