Comment: Neglected roads forgotten for too long

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beirut, Baghdad, Kabul. Take your pick of once war-ravaged cities around the world and Edinburgh’s roads have been compared to them.

And not without good reason. The state of disrepair that many of the Capital’s roads have been allowed to fall into is shocking.

The wear and tear on our vehicles when we fail to dodge some of the mini-craters is bad enough, but the problem doesn’t stop there. What impression must visitors leave with after trying to manoeuvre down some of our most potholed streets? It certainly won’t encourage them to come back.

This isn’t a problem that came about overnight and it is going to take years of significant investment to get our roads back into a decent condition.

The current council is at least making steps in the right direction and the latest move is a sensible one.

The problem isn’t restricted to sidestreets by any means. Some of our busiest roads, including the West Approach Road, are a 
particular bugbear.

But giving a higher priority to some of the most neglected residential streets has to be welcomed. They have been forgotten for too long.

Real heroes

congratulations to specialist diabetes nurse Gayle McRobert and all the health heroes honoured at last night’s NHS Lothian Celebrating Success Awards.

The dedication shown by so many of our hospital staff is incredible – but they rarely get the recognition they deserve. We all have reasons to be grateful to them, perhaps for expert care we have received or compassion shown to our loved ones. The NHS is often in the headlines for the wrong reasons, but the overwhelming majority of what its staff do for 1.1 million patients a year is excellent – and we should never forget that.