Comment: New rivalry has to be good for customers

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They may be known as the Friendly Games but when it comes to fighting over air routes, the gloves, it seems, are off.

Edinburgh Airport is going after Commonwealth Games visitors by blitzing Glasgow with adverts, highlighting why passengers should really be flying in and out of the east on their next visit.

A bit cheeky perhaps but good on them.

In the days when both airports were owned by BAA, there was, naturally perhaps, little competition between two.

This new rivalry has to be good news for customers.

Under GIP, Edinburgh’s fortunes have soared with major redevelopment under way, new routes, and the recent milestone of ten million passengers in a 12-month period.

With the teams on both sides of the country upping their games, we will see more destinations, better facilities and costs driven down as they battle over the travellers’ pound.

And it is good news for Edinburgh as a whole as a successful airport impacts on the local economy.

The adverts then may raise a few eyebrows in Glasgow but it will be up to them to hit back with a response.

Edinburgh is certainly in gold medal-winning position at the moment. Whether it stays there or not, the battle for the top spot is good news for everyone.

You can bank on it

We are pleased to see NatWest responding to our story about 96-year-old professor Nigel Walker who was left in the ridiculous position of being unable to access his own bank account to pay his care home fees.

It should never have happened but for the bank to now admit they were in the wrong is something of a victory. Banks owning up to their mistakes, after all, has not been a regular occurrence in the past.