Comment: Office space vital to be cost-effective

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Every office worker would like a desk of their own to make life as pleasant as possible for the often long hours they spend there.

It is nice to be able to put a picture of your loved ones on your desk and helpful not to have to pack away all your work at the end of each shift.

But when a single desk space in the Capital can be hired out for £5000 a year then it is little wonder that employers – both private firm and the public sector organisations – are looking to manage with fewer desks when they can.

In the case of the city council’s plans to hire out desks at Waverley Court that could add up to £150,000 a year – not an inconsiderable sum for the cash-strapped local authority. Just think how many potholes that could fix or how the money could be diverted towards vital school building repairs.

Innovations like this may inconveniece some workers who may be forced to hot-desk as a result, but it is vital that the local authority comes up with every reasonable trick it can to maximise its cost-effectiveness.

Mikaeel memorial

The response of the local community to the Mikaeel Kular tragedy has been oustanding.

From the incredible numbers who turned out to search when he first went missing to the way Muirhouse has united in grief and remembrance has been testament to the strong community ethos. Today we have news that a memorial fund which has raised an impressive £3000 is to be used to benefit a group creating a special place in the Borders where local people can go and relax.

We wish the My Adventure project every success and look forward to reporting on the first families using the getaway. It is difficult to find positives in such an appalling tragedy, but the way the local community has channelled its grief has certainly been one.