Comment: ‘One of the best pools on the planet’

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Sydney’s Bondi Icebergs pool, where sunkissed swimmers are sprayed by Pacific waves, will be many people’s idea of heaven.

Many sports fans will remember being awe-struck by the sight of the Watercube, the modernist masterpiece that Beijing created for the Olympics, while a visit to the romantic old Gellert Thermal Baths alone would be worth the price of an air ticket to Budapest.

And sitting proudly alongside these global gems is our very own Commonwealth Pool.

The Commie is very well-loved and, following its refurbishment for Glasgow 2014, is once more in its prime as a world-class sports facility.

But some people will still scoff at the idea of it being one of the best pools on the planet. Some with a particular affection for the Warrender, Glenogle or Porty pools might even say “it’s not even the best pool in Edinburgh”.

But you simply cannot ignore the verdict of Lonely Planet. They may not be experts in assessing sports facilities, but they are undoubtedly experts in judging what makes a must-see attraction.

And with 10 million visitors to their website alone, their endorsement is eagerly read and respected by travellers around the world and desperately craved by tourism chiefs.

It is easy to lose sight of how good things are on your own doorstep. The Lonely Planet’s verdict is a timely reminder of the good it does “to see oursels as ithers see us”.

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