Comment: Organisers have been listening

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Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations – remember them? – have been revealed to be a huge financial success.

Impressive statistics revealed today show bumper numbers on Princes Street during the festivities, with all the key indicators shooting up faster than Santa’s sleigh. Ho ho ho, job done.

Except the statistics don’t always tell the whole story.

Readers will need no reminding of the furore which broke out over the pricing of the attractions which left many feeling more flat than festive.

The markets and bars may have been packed out but thousands more felt the cost was just too high.

The row led to the biggest ever response to an Evening News post on Facebook, there were stories of Santas quitting the Grotto, and tales of being able to enjoy fine dining for the same price as a burger and a beer in St Andrew Square.

Today, we are pleased to report the organisers Underbelly, while celebrating its performance, say the pricing will be reviewed for 2014.

This is a welcome move and one for which they are due much credit given the temptation must surely have been to say “look at the numbers, why change?”

We never had an issue with the quality of the event staged by Underbelly. The city centre looked fantastic at Christmas time and the attractions in the main were a vast improvement on previous years.

The only problem was the cost and ensuring value for money for families at what was, after all, an event for the whole city.

Ensuring that the huge economic benefits to the city centre are balanced with making the event as inclusive as possible is key.

Today we are told that feedback will be taken into account and changes will be made for this year. We wish them well and look forward to seeing the programme. Here’s to a very merry Christmas 2014.