Comment: Parking app would be real boon for city

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imagine an end to driving around the city centre looking for that elusive parking space.

Digital entrepreneur Dan Hubert has offered us a glimpse of the future with his plans to let us track parking spaces in real time rather like the Lothian Buses tracker allows us to keep tabs on the next bus service.

It is surely only a matter of time before the kind of technology that is already in use in 
Westminster in London becomes commonplace across the rest of the country.

As it stands, Mr Hubert’s app will prove useful for visitors with smartphones who want to find out what types of parking is available and where in the Capital.

But for residents who know well where the parking spaces are, just not whether they will be lucky enough to grab one when they need one, the real benefit will only come when it is able to say whether the parking space you have your eye on is taken.

It is a shame that the city council doesn’t feel able to pursue the possibility of installing the necessary sensors in the Capital – especially when a private business is offering to foot the bill.

It would be great to see Edinburgh at the forefront of embracing this new technology to help iron out some of those bugbears of day-to-day life.

A service like this wouldn’t just make a shopping trip or a night out at the theatre that bit easier, it would also encourage more people to visit the city centre and spend their money there. That would have a spin-off benefit for local businesses, too.

Getting around the city centre by car can be a tricky business and for those who choose, or need, to make the trip by car, this would be a real boon.

It looks as though, however, we will just have to wait for the opening of the new St James Quarter in 2019, with its 1800-space underground car park, to solve our 
parking woes.