Comment: Party politics not serving Edinburgh well

No coalition deal has been struck at the City Chambers
No coalition deal has been struck at the City Chambers
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Running a city like Edinburgh is very different to running the country.

It has nothing to do with Brexit and IndyRef2 or the national debt. It has everything to do with emptying bins on time, fixing the roads, providing good social care and affordable homes - and getting the best possible value-for-money out of council tax payers’ cash.

People from varying political backgrounds will naturally have different ideas about how best to do that.

But by and large the approach at the City Chambers in recent times has been a striking contrast to the bear pit of national politics. On the whole, our councillors have been ready to put party politics aside in order to make decisions on the grounds of what is best for Edinburgh. That is what most people who voted for them would expect their local councillor to do.

Major bones of contention - like the future of the trams - were put to one side in order to form an administration able to tackle Edinburgh’s problems.

That is not what is happening just now.

Perhaps the times that we live in - coupled with the looming General Election - make such politicing inevitable. The sooner we can put it behind us, the better for Edinburgh.