COMMENT: People will just buy them elsewhere

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FIREWORKS can cause serious injury if they are not handled properly and with respect, there can be no doubt about that. But when fireworks are handled sensibly and according to all the instructions then the risk is minimal.

Stopping fireworks being sold to individuals and therefore only available at licensed events will fundamentally change the way that hundreds every year enjoy their own firework celebrations.

Gone are the days when fireworks were an annual outing in November so the greater use of fireworks throughout the year has probably mobilised the opposition.

But the real movement that is gaining ground is that of those who govern who seem to want to eradicate all risk that the public might possibly face and to legislate to do so, even when it is absolutely impossible to do so, and not desirable to do so.

The sale of fireworks is already tightly controlled by law.

Back garden firework displays can be wonderful family occasions – as well as being enjoyed, they can be used to teach children how to minimise risk and how to operate within safety guidelines. 
Responsible adults should surely still be able to have such events.

The idea that the Paris terror attacks should be used as an argument against selling fireworks is ludicrous. And besides that, surely the overriding message from the people of Paris and France was they were not going to let that terrorist assault change their lives or their heritage and traditions. So why should the people of 
Midlothian see change?

And on a practical level this policy would not prevent individuals buying fireworks at all as they would simply buy them elsewhere and take them home. Or perhaps the councillors in Midlothian intend to set up security search posts on all its borders. That would seem in keeping with their oppressive ambitions. Let’s hope the Scottish Government sees sense and kicks it out.