Comment: Reasons to be positive about Edinburgh

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CAPTURING a day in the life of Edinburgh is the aim of the new #thisisedinburgh24 project, which will see camera crews record a range of events in Scotland’s capital over 24 hours, and then chart them on social media.

Many of our younger readers will see this as great fun, and will look to get involved in the events themselves of through the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Others, perhaps older, will shrug and say: So what?

A fair question.

But perhaps the real aim of this 24-hour blitz is to make us all remember just how many great things are going on in the city centre, many of which we easily forget.

Our city centre boasts great live theatre, exciting new bars, fabulous restaurants, good shopping, world-class museums and it is the place where tens of thousands of people work every day. Not only that but it has some of the best views and the most stunning architecture of any city centre in the world.

However, for many the city centre has become a no-go zone.

A place where tram works prevail, road diversions confuse, expensive parking fleeces and traffic wardens prowl. Welcoming? No thanks.

But the reality is changing. The tram works are near completion and instead of being a hindrance will provide a new means of accessing the city centre.

The road layout is back to something near normal and there is a host of new investment on the way, including the Apple store on Princes Street and the SoCo development at the Cowgate fire site.

This Is Edinburgh is about getting us to think differently about the city centre.

And there is every reason we should be positive. Our city centre knocks others across the world into a cocked hat.

So let’s celebrate that together, 24 hours a day, and tell the world.