Comment: Reminder of the bravery in many families

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we have all felt a bit of charity fatigue on occasion: the rattling tin when we don’t have change, the endless requests for sponsorship for the latest sporting challenge, the TV charity marathons that ask us to give, give, give.

It is easy to forget that behind most of these requests lies a tearful and tragic story. A family ripped apart by accident or ill-health. A loved one taken away too soon.

Our story today of Adam Findlay, who is taking part in this year’s Maggie’s Monster Bike and Hike Challenge, is a reminder of the bravery and determination that exists in so many families across the Lothians.

It is also a reminder of the invaluable work that Maggie’s Centres do with some of our sickest patients.

Adam and his wife, Tracy, endured multiple IVF cycles before the birth of Jemma, their tiny 

But after finally giving birth to the daughter she so longed for, Tracy’s life was tragically cut short when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She passed away on February 13 last year.

While working full-time, Adam has had to learn how to be a father AND a mother to Jemma.

The Maggie’s event is a 24-hour endurance test, made up of a 31-mile cycle and nine-mile hike.

If you know Adam then please think about giving him sponsorship. He hopes to raise 

But if you don’t know Adam, think about supporting the good causes that pass through your workplace.

There is a story of tragedy and hope behind them all.

Sometimes a story that is too painful to completely reveal.

So well done Adam and Jemma for your Maggie’s challenge. And well done for telling your story so publicly.

Tracy would be proud of you both.