Comment: ‘Residents have reacted with disbelief’

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The sentiment was right, the delivery was frankly bizarre. Promoting Leith and the fact that it is fully open for business following the years of tram-related roadworks and disruption is something with which no-one will argue.

Choosing to do this by hanging bunting across the road to celebrate the end (almost) of five months of the latest disruptive work is, however, something of a PR disaster. Traders and local residents have reacted with disbelief and it is hardly surprising, accusing the council of rubbing salt into the wounds.

They simply want the work finished on time and with the minimum of fuss as well as practical support to drive people back into the area.

Businesses in Leith and Constitution Street in particular have been faced with years of disruption and the recovery will take time and investment.

Blue and white flags draped across the street, as nice as they may look, are just not going to cut it.

So while the idea of promoting the newly-revamped area is a good one, let’s concentrate on the job in hand, with finishing the work which is ongoing below the bunting the first task.

When the tram line is fully up and running – hopefully far earlier than the official date of next summer – there will be plenty of time to celebrate.

That will indeed to be cause to break out the bunting.