Comment: ‘Salaries should be brought down a level’

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There is no doubt that Ian Craig and his senior management team have a tougher job on their hands with the advent of the trams.

It is a big challenge and one which they have fully embraced. Making a success of the service is hugely important to the future of Edinburgh. Besides that, our bus services are among the finest, if not the finest, in Britain – a fact of which we can all be proud.

But does that all justify paying the chief executive more than 
£1 million in public money over five years and almost £200,000 a year to his most senior colleagues?

Sue Bruce is widely praised for doing a fine job at the city council where she is ultimately responsible for everything from schools and social workers to bin collections and, yes, the tram project. Yet Mr Craig earns far more than her.

The same is true of Tim Davison, who oversees 24,000 staff at NHS Lothian, as well as Alex Salmond, David Cameron and even Barack Obama, the leader of the free world.

There are those who say a fairer comparison is the pay of the bosses at other, privately-owned bus companies. But that misses the point.

Lothian Buses is publicly-owned. Its profits – after paying these eye-watering salaries – go either into council coffers or paying for better public transport.

We believe that these salaries are too high and should be brought into line with those of other senior public servants.

The right result

It was a decision fitting of a man with the nickname “Last Minute” for his knack of securing results as the clock ran down.

The Evening News campaign to honour Hibs legend Lawrie Reilly was finally successful yesterday when councillors agreed to ignore the rules and name a street beside Easter Road in his memory.

There should never have been any need for a campaign, it was the right and commonsense thing to do. Any other name would have been a horrendous own goal.

The council’s whole street naming policy is now going to be reviewed, hopefully avoiding such controversy in the future.

Thanks and well done to all those involved in backing the campaign and ensuring a true legend is never forgotten.