Comment: ‘Saving OAP an example of defib need’

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The public response since we launched the Shockingly Easy campaign along with the family of Jamie Skinner has been simply stunning.

We knew our mission to put a defibrillator in every sports centre in the Lothians was a cause which would strike a chord with many but quite how it has taken off has been beyond our expectations.

As the fundraising continues and more clubs receive the life-saving devices, today we have a timely reminder of exactly what it is all about.

Pensioner Ronald McCandless might not remember much about what happened to him that fateful day, but daughter Heather will recall the moment she had to save her dad for the rest of her life.

Trained in first aid, Heather knew exactly what to do and kept a cool head when needed. Crucially, she also knew there was a defibrillator nearby.

All it took was one shock to bring Ronald back.

It was that easy.

Of course others will not be so lucky. They may suffer a heart ­attack near people who do not know what to do and with no ­access to a heart start machine.

Our campaign which is putting more of these devices in communities will save lives.

It goes hand in hand with raising awareness and equipping people with the knowledge to be able to respond when called on.

Heather had been trained in first aid for 30 years without ever ­having to use her life-saving knowledge. When she did, out of the blue, the training kicked in right away.

She has now been nominated for an award for her actions and she thoroughly deserves it.

Ronald owes his life to her and the fact she knew how to use a ­defibrillator.

Thanks to all who have backed our campaign so far.