Comment: Shine a light n crumbling pavements’

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THE injuries to a pedestrian who impaled his head on a railing in Dundas Street were ­bizarre and worrying. We do not know whether the man tripped, but the incident has shone a light on the issue of our crumbling city pavements.

For reasons of public safety, to avoid compensation claims and to ensure the city – one of the world’s great tourist destinations – looks its best all year round, we cannot allow our public realm to fade. Cracked paving stones, loose slabs and weeds growing on the kerbside are not what our residents and businesses want to see. And we should remember that the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh are World Heritage Sites.

Environment leader Lesley Hinds understands this fully. But against a growing backdrop of cuts and other priorities it is difficult for the City Council to find the resource required. New ways of thinking are required.

Haute coiffure

MANY congratulations to Capelli Hair Design in Stockbridge which our readers have named as the city’s Salon of the Year 2015, succeeding the hugely popular Technik Hair Design in Morningside Road. Fittingly, the award has come exactly two years after the death of the salon’s founder Armando Volpe, who began cutting hair in Edinburgh three decades ago.

Winning Salon of the Year isn’t easy. Customers have to be motivated to both nominate and vote for their favourite – and busy residents will only make that time when their expectations have been met and surpassed time after time.

The nominations for Capelli were full of praise for all the staff, particularly their service and attention to detail. The salon has once again proven that a family business can have the edge. Current owner Pierino, son of Armando, runs the Raeburn Place unit with wife Marie. Well done all.