Comment: Sick Kids sale offers hope for southside of Edinburgh

The Sick Kids hospital in Sciennes. Picture: Jon Savage
The Sick Kids hospital in Sciennes. Picture: Jon Savage
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The southside of the city has seen some pretty major changes in recent years.

The communities where people knew their neighbours have by and large gone - replaced by a much more transient population. The same could be said about other neighbourhoods close to the city centre, but nowhere else has the change been quite so dramatic.

The growing success of Edinburgh University - a great thing for the city on the whole - has not had an entirely positive impact here. Yes, it creates jobs, but the mushrooming number of student flats, with the attendant noise, etc, has changed the neighbourhood beyond recognition.

The sale of the Sick Kids hospital site will have another dramatic impact on the area. As yet, we don’t know what that will be. The hope of most longterm residents will be for development that somehow will help foster that sense of community. Changes that will make the area more attractive to families and people of all ages once again.

Is that realistic? Or just romantic dreaming? We’ll find out soon enough. The bid by residents to buy the site raises the prospect at the very least of the community having a real stake in its future. That has to be a good thing.