Comment: ‘Simplifying recycling is a good move’

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There are few topics in Edinburgh likely to lead to more controversy.

Messing about with bin collections perhaps comes just behind anything to do with trams in the list of no-win decisions forced upon city
councillors.But today’s news of yet another change in our recycling is on the face of it a move which should be welcomed across the city.

It is simplifying the process from the sometimes baffling array of bags and boxes collected on different days with which we are currently forced to contend, and which undoubtedly impacts on
recycling rates.

Removing the need for people to separate out waste into up to ten containers, and instead using just one wheelie bin and a box for glass for most of our recycling instead of six has to be a good move.

So let’s view this latest bin switch in a positive light while at the same time staying alert to the sort of problems which have beset previous changes ... and if experience tells us anything, there will be problems.

Recycling is good for the environment and good in the long run for the city’s coffers. Let’s just hope the soon-to-be redundant boxes and bags can be reused as well.