Comment: Situations like this should never arise

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THE SITUATION which Margaret Young finds herself in is completely intolerable.

As a 91-year-old living reasonably independently in her own home, she is no “burden” on the public purse.

All she asks for is the minimum assistance to be able to live her life with dignity, including the vital stair lift which allows her to navigate her house.

When it breaks, it should be fixed immediately, with the minimum of fuss.

For this instead to drag on with talk of “weeks” or “months” before there is a solution is just not acceptable.

Of course there are competing demands on resources but, at the end of the day, it’s tough to see what could be more pressing.

Margaret cannot get upstairs without the lift and so currently has to suffer the indignity of sleeping downstairs with no proper bathroom facilities.

With all the talk of bedblocking increasing pressure on council and NHS services and a lack of care home places in often understaffed and overstretched facilities, situations like this should never arise.

People like Margaret should be given as much help as possible to enable them to stay in their own homes.

Our older people should not be seen as just another burden on dwindling resources, they should be an absolute priority.

Let’s hope Margaret’s situation is resolved quickly to allow her to enjoy her home again instead of feeling like a prisoner in her living room.

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