Comment: Still proud to call Royal Scots our own

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FareWELL then to the Royal Scots. The famous regiment is packing up, with orders to vacate by the start of the month.

The decision to move the 
regiment, now part of 1Scots, to Belfast was seen at the time as cutting its 380-year-old ties with the Capital.

Certainly, there will still be some resentment that the soldiers and their families are being forced to move across the North Channel.

But the message from the barracks today is one of optimism and looking forward to a new challenge and living in new 

The commanding officer is positive, suggesting that as his troops have had a year to get used to the idea, they are ready for an “exciting new chapter” in the regiment’s history.

How much of this sentiment is simply displaying the best tradition of the British Army’s stiff upper lip, we cannot say. We are hugely disappointed to see the regiment go, even if the consequences of the defence review for the Capital were not as severe as once feared.

But we are pleased recruitment staff will still be stationed in the city as it continues to fill its ranks locally. They may no longer be based here, but we will remain proud to call them our own.

Germanic values

Young footballers aspiring to be the Hibs and Hearts players of the future should watch and re-watch last night’s Germany v Brazil World Cup semi-final for how to play the game.

The German side taught us a lesson: no diving, no thuggery, no silly haircuts, no excessive tattoos, no unnecessary dwelling on the ball, no showing off, no crazy celebrations. Just simple, quick passing.

Football is a team game not an opportunity for preening overpaid kids to show off. Germany reminded us of that in spades.