Comment: Surely you have to look to the parents

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No-one should be afraid to step outside their front door.

The youths who are reportedly rampaging through Pilton every other night are not just causing inconvenience to the owners of the stolen bikes, they are impacting on the quality of life of a whole community.

To their credit, the police are taking the issue seriously, including deploying a helicopter to track those responsible.

They cannot risk a pursuit for fear of causing an accident and even when they do catch up with the riders, the reality is that with limited powers when it comes to dealing with under 16s, there is only so much they can do.

It may be a cliche but surely you have to look to the parents to even begin tackling this problem.

Do they know what their teens are up to at all hours?

If not, why not? The behaviour of their offspring may not be annoying them at the moment but how about in 30 or 40 years’ time when they are vulnerable OAPs, terrified to step outside the front door?

Those responsible are apparently a hardcore group of known individuals. They seem to revel in taunting the police and have no regard for the safety of themselves or others.

They must be stopped before there is a tragedy and it will take everyone – the community, police and the parents working together to reclaim the streets.

Staying mum

Is panda-monium about to strike again? According to keepers at the zoo, the signs are looking good that Tian Tian may indeed be pregnant and that this could be the year that a money-spinning cub is born. We’ll keep our fingers-crossed but perhaps not order the souvenir T-shirts just yet. As we know, when it comes to panda births, things are not always black and white.