Comment: The council had half the battle won

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Edinburgh has made good progress on recycling in recent years. And with plans to replace the array of recycling receptacles with a single “chuck it all in” wheelie bin, that only looks set to increase.

Which is good because when it comes to recycling more and throwing less away, we really don’t have much of a choice.

Edinburgh currently recycles more than 40 per cent of its waste and this figure is rising all the time.

A culture change means practically every household is now drilled into religiously sorting out their bottles, cans, milk cartons, newspapers, and scraps. Less waste is going to landfill and we all feel a little better about ourselves.

It is not brilliant to hear today, then, than brown bin recycling has run into problems this year simply because the sun decided to come out.

The council had half the battle won with bins being left on the pavement full to the brim (though not overfilled).

The least residents could expect was for them to be lifted on time.

Opposition councillors clearly aren’t buying the excuse of warm weather leading to ideal growing conditions and therefore more garden waste in the spring.

The problems, they say, are still ongoing.

For its part the city council insists 98.8 per cent of collections were completed without any complaints.

Whatever, this year has clearly taught the council a lesson for the future and should hopefully ensure next year’s summer season goes more smoothly.

We can’t be too harsh on them, however.

They have had plenty of experience down at the City Chambers planning for the problems caused by snow and ice.

This has to be the first year they have encountered disruptions to services caused by a slightly better than normal spring.