Comment: The response to our campaign is staggering

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the tragic death of talented young footballer Jamie Skinner was an event which required an exceptional response.

The death of the popular 13-year-old on a city football pitch was, of course, a devastating blow to everyone who knew him.

But what spurred his family into action was the discovery that Jamie’s death was not so exceptional. In fact, every week in the UK, 12 young people die as a result of undiagnosed heart problems.

The Skinners knew that this was a situation they were desperate to do something about in the hope of saving other families from going through what they have experienced.

When the family joined forces with this newspaper a year ago to launch the Shockingly Easy campaign, we had no idea what the response would be.

What has happened in the intervening 12 months has been staggering. A total of 75 new life-saving defibrillators have been registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service. Most of those are new, many provided with assistance from the Jamie Skinner Foundation thanks to your generous donations, while some have simply been registered for the first time.

The fact they have been officially registered means that for the first time ambulance control teams can direct members of the public to them in the event of an emergency nearby. Countless lives will be saved in the coming years as a result.

Your donations have helped raise more than £35,000 for the Foundation set up in Jamie’s name so more of the heart start machines will be installed in the coming months. The city council has also pledged to install them at all the Capital’s 23 high schools.

Everyone can play their part. The most important thing is learning the first aid skills that can save lives. You can sign up for free classes by contacting the Scottish Ambulance Service or make a donation to help the Jamie Skinner Foundation provide more defibrillators, which really are foolproof to use. It really is Shockingly Easy.

Details of how to do both are on page nine of today’s paper. Either way, you are doing your bit to help save lives.