Comment: The unsung heroes make our city great

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The shortlist has been announced and the preparations for the big night are well and truly under way.

Next Friday, we will find out who has been named the Pride of Edinburgh, with remarkable people from all walks of life nominated across 14 categories.

The awards are all about honouring our unsung heroes, the
incredible people who help make our city great.

The stories we tell today are truly inspiring, offering just a glimpse into the incredible work done quietly, out of the spotlight, day in, day out across the Capital often for little or no reward.

The awards ceremony is sure to be a spectacular evening and you can find details of how to be there on page 13. So join us to celebrate the best of our city, the Pride of Edinburgh.

Mother’s courage

it is impossible to read today’s interview with the heartbroken mum of Keane Wallis-Bennett and not be extremely moved.

Only someone who has lost a child in particularly cruel circumstances can really begin to understand what Abbie Wallis and the rest of Keane’s family are going through. But her dignity and courage in facing up to the tragedy without rancour are remarkable and impressive.

She is, of course, as bewildered as every other parent about how a wall in a school could collapse like that with such tragic consequences.

One thing that Keane’s family and the rest of the community in Liberton need is answers on that point. That may take some time as detailed forensic tests are carried out, but what is more important is that the investigation is as thorough and professional as possible rather than fast.

The other pressing question that needs answered in the months ahead is what will be done to ensure nothing like this happens again.