Comment: ‘There are questions to be answered’

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thE suggestion that the tragic accident outside Waverley Station is linked to the station’s new anti-terror barriers is deeply concerning.

There will of course be an urgent investigation into what happened yesterday and we would not want to pre-judge its findings.

But if it is found that the installation of the barriers was a factor in any way then we will expect immediate action.

We have carried a number of stories surrounding the barriers, many of which, as transport leader Lesley Hinds reminds us today, highlighted the safety concerns for pedestrians in what is by its nature an extremely busy area.

The problem of authorised taxis queuing to get into the station was previously highlighted as a danger but the lack of signage for ordinary motorists who may not be familiar with the new rules has also been raised as an issue in the past.

In recent weeks, perhaps because of technical problems, there seems to have been occasions when the barriers have simply been left up for extended periods creating huge confusion.

While, as we say, it would be wrong to speculate on the exact cause of this tragedy without knowing the facts, there are certainly questions to be answered today.

Accidents happen and some cannot be avoided no matter how many precautions you take, but we need to be sure that all reasonable measures have been taken.

We expect not just a thorough police inquiry but a review to be carried out by Network Rail into whether safety needs to be improved around the Market Street entrance.

Until now, the biggest problems caused by the controversial security measures have been frustrated taxi drivers and some long waits for passengers who did want to not or could not haul their suitcases up the ramp.

Today, the situation is looking like it could be much more serious.