Comment: They provide help where it is needed most

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there are few of us that have not been affected by cancer at some point in our lives.

We might have been diagnosed with the disease ourselves, lost a loved one to it, or know someone close fighting the condition.

Survival rates are improving all the time, so being told you have cancer is no longer necessarily as bleak news as it once was. It is always a traumatic experience, however, both for the patient and those supporting them.

That is particularly true, of course, when the diagnosis turn out to be terminal. Coping with the emotional fall-out can be devastating, never mind the distress which the disease and its treatment can bring.

These are inevitably among the lowest times that any family can face together. They are times when we all need help, over and above the exceptional care provided by our dedicated NHS staff.

We are fortunate in Edinburgh that we do not have to look far for some of the best support available anywhere. The work of the Marie Curie nurses at the charity’s Fairmilehead hospice and in homes across the region is second to none, as many thousands who have benefited from their care and compassion over the years will testify.

They provide help where it is needed most, whether that is one-to-one nursing care, practical advice, or emotional support for struggling relatives. Marie Curie help patients and families with any kind of terminal illness, not just cancer.

But that support does not come cheap. The amazing support they offer is only possible thanks to many millions of pounds collected by dedicated fundraisers every year.

This year the Evening News is delighted to be supporting Marie Curie’s Dinner Down Memory Lane campaign. It is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and support a truly great cause at the same time.