Comment: Three words speak of our confidence

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Simple, confident, effective – three words which sum up Edinburgh’s latest marketing campaign.

“This is Edinburgh”, which launches today, is the perfect antidote to the Incredinburgh debacle.

It is simple but then, some of the best campaigns are.

It is confident at a time the city centre has much to be confident about, with years of roadworks and disruption finally coming to an end.

And it is effective in getting across the message that the city centre is open for business and ready to be rediscovered.

Coming at a time when major developments like SoCo are coming on stream, arrivals like the Apple store are eagerly anticipated for Princes Street, and yes, the tram is finally going to start carrying passengers soon, it all adds up to an exciting time for the city centre.

The trick now is convincing all those people who have been put off coming into town in recent years because of the nightmare of tram-related disruption or the seemingly constantly changing road layout, that it is worth paying a visit again.

To that end, the campaign images released so far look to have hit the mark. They are clever, striking and memorable.

Unlike the aforementioned and ill-fated Incredinburgh campaign, the key to success this time has been ensuring all stakeholders, and most importantly the city council, are fully behind the drive and singing from the same hymn sheet.

We congratulate everyone involved in putting together the new campaign, which seems perfectly in tune with the city and its residents.

A city like Edinburgh, with its stunning natural beauty, doesn’t need a contrived or gimmicky slogan, we just need to tell it like it is. Once people get here, the city sells itself.

This is Edinburgh after all, the best city in the world.