Comment: Time we were told of the benefits

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There is a familiar ring to today’s warning from Danny Alexander about the particular risks of a Yes vote to Edinburgh - and the Nationalists’ dismissal of those fears.

Standard Life was first to raise the spectre of a much diminished financial sector in the Capital when it warned that independence might make staying in Scotland untenable for its business.

Then former chancellor Alistair Darling told this newspaper that the impact of leaving the UK would be as bad for the sector as the banking crisis.

Each time these concerns have been roundly dismissed by Yes campaigners as completely unfounded.

That is all very well. There is nothing wrong with politicians and business leaders holding opposite views and expressing them frankly and with respect. That is what democracy is all about.

So we have heard a lot about the potential pitfalls of voting Yes on September 18.

What has been largely missing so far from the debate is the alternative vision of the particular opportunities that it could bring for the city. There is a strong case to be made for the benefits that would come Edinburgh’s way as the capital of a newly independent nation. Yet so far that vision has not been as clearly spelled out as the possible negatives have been.

It’s time to hear from the Yes camp about what independence will mean for Edinburgh.

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