Comment ‘Tourism brings optimism for future’

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There seems to be no end of good news for the Capital’s economic prospects right now.

The tourism industry which generates more than 
£1.7 billion a year is on a high after a record-breaking Festival.

Today’s report confirms that visitors love Edinburgh – and they think a visit here offers great value for money. What better message could we hope to see them take home to their friends?

Encouragingly, we are also starting to see signs that the industry’s efforts to attract more visitors in the traditionally quieter months outside of August and December are starting to pay dividends.

What is really encouraging though is that this buoyancy is not the only sign that things are improving. Business confidence more broadly is at a three-year high in Scotland, surpassing that south of the Border.

The economic recovery may be fragile but we can see once again that Edinburgh is well placed to benefit as it does.

All the August visitors may have packed their bags and gone but they have left behind them far more than just their bar tips. There is in their wake a genuine – and well-grounded – sense of optimism about the Capital’s future.

Bangers no smash

There’s clearly been a little bit too much action at the charity Scottish Love in Action’s firework extravaganzas for their neighbours’ liking.

The displays have been so explosive that residents are complaining of feeling “terrorised” and like they were living in a “war zone”.

As the protesters say, what’s not to like about a charity that cares for homeless children in India? SLA carry out amazing work and the fireworks displays have proved popular. They are also a crucial fundraiser for the charitable work.

Let’s hope a compromise can be found that will allow the event to continue, without driving the neighbours to complete distraction.