Comment: Tours can’t be substitute for real thing

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THE plan by King’s Meadow Primary in Haddington to give tours of the school led by its own pupils is a positive one. But these tours must be in ADDITION to the traditional parents’ evening – not instead of.

The tours will offer parents a better understanding of how their child is learning and how better they can support that process. It will also help parents feel they are part of school life.

But this cannot be a substitute for a one-to-one conversation with a teacher about your child’s progress and development.

Education chiefs say this is a trial and about moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. New ideas should be welcomed, but they must also be closely evaluated. And parents are far from convinced that this represents progress.

Although parents’ evenings can be difficult for teachers, they are an invaluable insight for mums and dads.

And if it comes to a choice between pupil-led tours and parents’ evenings, there can only be one winner.

Fan-tastic effort

As the world holds its breath and prays for peace in Ukraine, it is touching to be reminded of the human capacity for breaking down barriers.

There is no reason why Hibs fans who travelled to Dnipro for a game of football almost a decade ago should have such strong ties to the region to this day. No reason that is apart from basic compassion.

The work of Hibs supporters who have raised tens of thousands of pounds to improve the lives of Ukrainian orphans is typical of a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes connected to the city’s football clubs – quiet, unassuming and effective.

We can only hope that spirit prevails in the crisis-hit region in the coming days.