Comment: Tram figures are seriously impressive

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the results of the first major survey of tram passengers’ opinions won’t surprise anyone who has travelled on them.

For many city residents the trams remain those white things that glide past us on Princes Street and in the West End, and cost so much to build.

But for growing numbers they are an important part of how they get about the city. And the good news for us all is that those who are catching the tram are more than happy with what they are getting.

It is true that, in general across the UK and further afield, passengers tend to rate trams more highly than their local bus or train services.

But even taking that into 
account these are seriously impressive figures.

We are not known in Edinburgh for being easily impressed, so 70 per cent of passengers declaring themselves very satisfied – the highest for any UK tram service – is not to be sniffed at, nor the overall 95 per cent satisfaction rate.

Sure, there will be parts of the service that can improve, especially as these are still early days for Edinburgh’s trams.

These results will be useful to tram bosses, who will be poring over them to see what matches with their own customer feedback to help work out how they can fine-tune what they offer.

But the fact that the number of people using the trams continues to grow and the vast majority are leaving impressed bodes well. All passengers, residents and tourists alike will be telling others how good their experience has been, which will help build passenger numbers still further.

Don’t forget, having built the tram line it is in all our interests that it flourishes, to save us from having to throw vast subsidies at an underperforming service.

And given that the pressure on the roads around west Edinburgh is only likely to grow as developers hungrily eye the area, a successful tram service will help ease the problems facing motorists and bus passengers there. This is good news with which we should all be satisfied.