Comment: Two-hour limit seems far too short

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THEY are words certain to anger motorists across the city – “parking shake-up”.

And today’s plans to introduce Sunday restrictions will inevitably be seen by many as yet another unnecessary 
money-making escapade.

The city council insists the move to limit parking in bays and enforce yellow line restrictions is necessary as it looks to increase the turnover in spaces and improve traffic flow on what is a busy shopping day.

City centre shops may not see it like that, of course, and could well argue that Sunday is the only day they can compete with out-of-town shopping centres (and their acres of free parking) on a level playing field.

Are cars blocking loading bays and parking on single yellow lines on one day a week really such a problem that this move is required? We remain to be 

The idea of a time limit on free parking does seem to be a sensible step and will prevent spaces simply being hogged all day while frustrated Sunday shoppers are left to circle.

The proposed two-hour time limit does, however, seem far too short.

It is maybe enough for those who are visiting the city centre with a particular shop or task in mind.

But what about people who treat a trip into the city as a day out and want to take their time to browse the shops and maybe stop for coffee or lunch?

It would seem to make sense to set the Sunday limit to the three or four hours allowed to those who pay during the week.

We hope for a change of heart and, indeed, council chiefs have already proved that they have listened to feedback, in particular the concerns of the Kirk by suggesting that the new enforcement will only apply after morning worship.

This is a positive sign as is the blessed absence of any talk of actual parking charges on the Sabbath.