Comment: We need to find a solution – and quick

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Forget Murrayfield, all eyes will be on the scrum at Waverley station this weekend. The disastrous new security measures which have led to huge queues for taxis, bumper fares and even road safety concerns will be put to the test.

The city council is worried, even if Network Rail is insisting all will be fine.

It has taken the step of introducing emergency taxi ranks to cope with the hordes of rugby fans flocking through the station.

And there is a warning today that if the situation is not sorted out, it will be taken out of station chiefs’ hands and sorted out for them.

Whether that would or could happen remains to be seen, but it certainly gives an indication of just how serious things have become.

It is intolerable for the main railway station of Scotland’s capital to be left in such a state even if everyone accepts the need for extra security measures.

The painfully slow two barrier system which has been introduced does not work for taxi drivers or passengers. In fact, at the moment it does not work at all as technical problems have led to the barriers simply being left open, raising questions about the point of them in the first place.

If you are going to put measures in place which are going to inconvenience so many people then you have got to have confidence they are worthwhile and be able to do their job.

Are two barriers – even when they are operational – really going to remove the terror threat from someone determined to do harm?

We hope Network Rail, the city council and taxi drivers continue to work together to find a constructive solution which works for everyone – and quick.

This weekend will see tens of thousands descend on our city for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Let’s hope the English fans leave moaning about their team’s performance and not the chaos at Waverley.