Comment: We need to show the best we can offer

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THE results of the latest Cleanliness Index Monitoring System will perhaps be little surprise to many.

After signs of improvement, the city centre seems to be getting dirtier once again.

OK, we may not be wading through mountains of rubbish or stepping over open sewers, but there is a general grime not befitting of a Capital city.

Couple this with the news today that shoppers are beginning to flock back to our city centre attractions and you can see the issue.

Edinburgh and the city centre in particular needs to try harder than ever to attract visitors and keep them here once they arrive. We also want people to recommend the Capital as a place to visit and not as a town with a lovely castle but stinking streets.

The world’s largest arts festival is always going to give us a huge helping hand in attracting tourists, but while it is on we need to showcase the absolute best we have to offer.

The city council has responded by hiring an army of new street sweepers over the summer and hopefully we will see the impact of this when the cleanliness survey is carried out again.

While the Fringe is in town, Edinburgh is on a stage in front of the world. Let’s try and ensure a five-star review.

Star pupils

well done to all those receiving their exam results today.

From the overall results, it seems like Edinburgh pupils have once again performed better than ever as the number leaving schools with Higher qualifications is up again.

The number-crunching will come later when we see the individual breakdown of how schools have performed against those across the country, and crucially how pupils have coped with the new national qualifications.

But today is the day for the class of 2014 to enjoy and for their teachers to breathe a sigh of relief.