Comment: We welcome vow to review all feedback

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It is the season of goodwill to all when our thoughts are turned to having fun with our families.

So what better time than now for Edinburgh’s Christmas to invite thousands of local people to enjoy a taste of its attractions for free.

It is a generous gesture. And one that is being delivered with Underbelly’s trademark wit and sense of fun. It means that thousands of people who perhaps haven’t done to date will get the chance to see a bit of what the city’s festivities are all about. Hopefully, they will enjoy what they find. And there is every reason to expect they will – there is no doubt that it is a high-quality event.

This newspaper has never questioned the quality of Edinburgh’s Christmas celebrations this year. In fact, our writers have highly praised attractions like the breathtaking Limbo stage show and we’ve been delighted to showcase such great community events as the Christmas lights switch on.

Where we do have concerns is about the high cost of taking part in many of the festivities. Of course, higher quality attractions will cost more, but we strongly believe that Christmas celebrations which are supported by the city council should remain affordable to ordinary families. It is clear from the huge response to city mum Katie Campbell’s Facebook post on the issue that many feel this is no longer the case.

We welcome the commitment from Underbelly and the council to review all the feedback from this year’s event, both good and bad, and look forward to next year’s event keeping some of the best parts of this year’s, while hopefully addressing these concerns.

The Capital has been a trailblazer when it comes to Christmas festivities for many years now. What Edinburgh has done in the past is now being copied in other cities. Our festive events must continue to evolve if they are going to keep their distinctive edge, but in doing that they have to take the rest of the city along with them.