Comment: Well done to everyone who has donated

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the amazing response of the Edinburgh public to appeals to help the hungry and homeless this Christmas will surprise no-one who knows the people of the city.

The generosity though has been quite remarkable. No-one should go without food in the Capital this winter as a result. Incredibly, the city’s food banks have enough donations of staple foods to feed those in most need until Easter. If only it were so easy to solve similar problems elsewhere in the world.

It shows what remarkable things can be achieved when we all pull together to help others.

There are many reasons that help to explain why charitable giving to help some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens has rocketed this year. Media reports, including in the Evening News, about the growing number of people relying on food banks has certainly made us all more aware than ever of the struggles facing some of our fellow city residents. The willingness of the supermarkets to allow them to collect in-store has clearly made a difference.

Many of us are also feeling a little more secure and optimistic about the future as the region’s economy continues to recover and that always encourages us to be even more generous to those less well-off. Social media has also played its part by giving people a new way of sharing pleas that strike a chord with them, leading to some charities seeing their ­appeals “go viral”.

All these things may well have contributed to this fantastic display of generosity, but they don’t fully explain it. None of this would have happened without the good, old-fashioned decency of the people of the city, their community spirit. It is typical of the Edinburgh public to want to help whenever they see other folk in need and that is what the spirit of Christmas is all about. Well done to everyone who has donated – and don’t forget the food banks still need donations of fruit, pasta sauces and other perishable foods.