Comment: What we need now is some firm detail

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AT last we have the long-awaited White Paper on independence, the case for going
 it alone has been set out and we’re ready to make our minds up.

By now, everyone will have fully digested the 670 pages of Scotland’s Future and have all their questions answered.

We even have answers to things we didn’t want to know, like what Nicola Sturgeon was wearing at the historic press conference.

That’s that then.

Well, not quite.

Yesterday’s high-profile launch event was clearly a vital step on the journey to the independence referendum next September but does it leave us any the wiser to what a post-independence Edinburgh might look like?

There are references to a potential embassy boom and lots of new air links as a result, as well a commitment to high-speed rail coming to the Capital.

But what we really need now is some firm detail. What would a vote for independence mean for everyday life and services in the Capital?

It was perhaps never going to come in the white paper, there were after all quite a lot of topics to cover.

But it must be addressed to allow everyone to make an informed choice.

We all have an interest in the future of the country but we are perhaps most interested in the future on our doorsteps.

Scotland’s cities, with Edinburgh at the head, are the drivers of our economy and will remain so whether we are part of the UK or not.

Now the White Paper has been published, the Evening News is calling on both sides of the independence debate to get down to the specifics and sketch out their vision of Edinburgh’s future.

We’ve seen the macro-economics, now show us the micro detail.

The most important decision facing Scotland in 300 years could well rest on it.