Comment: What you can do to protect our wildlife

Dolphins in the Firth of Forth. Picture: Scottish Seabird Centre
Dolphins in the Firth of Forth. Picture: Scottish Seabird Centre
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there is something absolutely captivating about watching dolphins in the wild.

It is not just that they are such graceful creatures, although they certainly are that. I think it something to do with their playful nature. It is amazing how often they leap completely out of the water for no other reason than the apparent joy of it. They seem to enjoy splashing around just as much as any child.

They are not, of course, the only natural wonder that we can see on our doorstep. More than 150,000 gannets make the Bass Rock their home, forming the largest colony of its kind in the world. The sights and sounds of this ‘bird city’ will never be forgotten by anyone who ventures out to seen it.

There is lots of other beautiful wildlife to be found in the Lothians from kingfishers on the Water of Leith to the birds of Musselburgh’s Ash Lagoons. It is part of the magic of Edinburgh that you can find so many natural wonders so close to the centre of a bustling capital city.

One of the biggest threats to these amazing creatures is the millions of tonnes of plastic and microplastics that finds their ways into our coastal waters. We can all play a part in protecting them by avoiding toiletries containing microbeads.