Comment: Why you should plan your online legacy

Shaun Cole's Facebook page was hacked by trolls after he died
Shaun Cole's Facebook page was hacked by trolls after he died
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whAT happens to your Facebook account when you die?

It is a gloomy question and one you probably haven’t thought about before. But it is one which growing numbers of people are having to confront.

The answers are not always straightforward as the family of young soldier Shaun Cole have discovered to their cost.

What happens to the account if you don’t know your loved ones password and can’t access it? What if other people gain access or leave messages that are upsetting?

Shaun’s family are far from the only ones who are having to confont these issues at a time when they are trying to deal with their huge loss.

His mum Michele Beattie wanted other people to know about what her family are going through so that others might not suffer the same upset.

The best advice for those of us with social media accounts is to think about what will happen when we do die. You can tell Facebook what you want them to do rather like making a social media will - and its simple.

It might seem a morbid thing to do, but it will make things that bit easier for the loved ones that you leave behind.