Comment: Win or lose, his bravery is undeniable

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When Lewis Benson steps out into the ring at the Commonwealth Games, he won’t just be fighting for Scotland.

He will be fighting to prove all the doubters and the bullies wrong, and then some.

Today Lewis bravely talks about his difficult childhood where he faced discrimination as the only mixed-race child in an Edinburgh primary school.

It was this experience which led him into the sport of boxing.

Not to hit back but as an outlet for his pent-up aggression.

Of course, he could never have imagined when he first walked into the club at the age of 13 where it would lead. He stands now on the verge – potentially – of becoming a national hero.

But however he performs in the Glasgow Games, he should be commended for sticking up to the bullies and sharing his experience.

There will be others in the same boat – recent figures showed more than one incident of racism or homophobia being reported every day at city primary schools.

And not all those who suffer abuse will go on to become boxing champions.

But they can all take inspiration from Lewis as he pulls on the gloves for his country next week.

Good luck Lewis. Win or lose, your bravery is undeniable.

Sky’s the limit

A different kind of bravery 
 today comes in the form of 90-year-old Betty Lyons.

She has celebrated her milestone by taking a trip in a glider.

It would be a nervy experience at any age, but it’s all the more incredible when you consider she has never even been on a plane 

It once again proves you are never too old to fulfil your 

Well done to Betty, now christened the resident “daredevil” of her care home.