Comment: Working in partnership is way forward

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The Evening News has repeatedly highlighted the problem of cycle safety at Haymarket, where the new tram tracks have made the area a danger zone for those on two wheels. A number of cyclists have had their wheels trapped in the tracks and come to injury.

The city council has listened and has already moved the taxi rank outside the recently revamped Haymarket station to improve matters.

Now cycling charity Spokes has come up with its own plan to ‘fix’ the junction and ensure cyclists have a safer route.

Whatever your view of the issue, it is heartening that local groups such as Spokes are doing more than bleating from the sidelines. It would have been easy for them to lobby and complain and moan, but do little constructive to make things better.

But instead, they have come up with a new idea to ensure cyclists can cross the junction.

The council has made positive noises – and so they should. A modern co-operative local authority needs to work in partnership with community groups and charities.

The council cannot, and does not, have a monopoly on all the best ideas.

Whether Spokes’ plan is viable will depend on how expensive it is, and a host of other factors the authority will have to consider.

However, coming forward to work in partnership is the right way forward and should be applauded.

Dystopian future?

IS Standard Life really saying that our capital city will become a place where they can’t do business from in the event of a Yes vote? Is the future that dystopian?

A Yes vote would throw up uncertainties, that is certain.

But are these hurdles so high that Edinburgh would no longer be a hub for major international businesses?