Derek Robertson: Dog fouling a blight on Edinburgh

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Dog fouling is on the increase again but everyone can help rid us of this scourge, says Keep Scotland Beautiful boss Derek Robertson

Sometimes making a difference for your own community, and for the country as a whole means raising the difficult issues. The subjects that are not pleasant and others are reluctant to highlight. So it is with the scourge of dog fouling which too often blights the pavements and recreational areas of Edinburgh

I commend the Evening News for taking such a strong stand on this vital issue – and we’re glad you’re backing our Clean Up Scotland campaign. Lots of Edinburgh residents have supported our campaign at, and I hope many more of your readers will join too.

Whether you’ve always lived in this city, or are visiting for the first time – you can’t fail to be impressed by its beauty. But too often, the actions of a few irresponsible dog owners let us all down, and leave locals and visitors a tarnished image of this great city. With 2014 bringing the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup – visitors need to see Edinburgh at its very best.

That’s why our Clean Up Scotland campaign has launched this year, and is taking a stand on the environmental incivilities that blight our local environment. That includes tackling those dog owners that let us all down – and we are working with the city council and others to encourage strict enforcement of existing legislation on dog fouling. The message is simple – change your behaviour. Grab it, bag it and bin it – any bin will do. And if you don’t, others will challenge you to do so, and there are measures in place to enforce it.

Sadly for us all, there is some evidence dog fouling is on the increase again and we need to take action. Let’s all work together to ensure Edinburgh turns the tide on dog fouling.

• Derek Robertson is chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful