Diners are ‘killing the catering industry’ with ‘faux’ dietary requirements - Edinburgh residents hit back at restaurateur

Edinburgh restaurateur hits out at diners that are ‘killing the catering industry’ with ‘faux’ dietary requirements

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 5:00 pm
Our readers shared their views.

I have a severe allergy to scallops and samphire and always inform in advance if booking a restaurant and am vigilant when ordering. Recently despite double checking with waiter and assured the dish was safe, within minutes my eyes and lips puffed up along with other symptoms. It turns out the chef has added two scallops to the dish to make up for the lack of mussels! This is not acceptable. Some restaurants are very good in dealing with allergies and take it seriously others have an ‘attitude’ which I immediately can sense and lose confidence in their own knowledge of what the ingredients are. The restaurateur should be glad her restaurant is so busy! I’m not going to rush back to be judged.

Lorraine Mcandrew

Yup, yup and yup. I’ve had people ask for gluten-free bread and breaded fish to ‘counteract’ each other. Give me strength!

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Sandra Beattie

I hear this everyday. We have no problem catering for genuine intolerances and allergies but you have to draw the line somewhere. I get more annoyed at the way some diners speak to waiting staff and chefs - we are not personal servants.

Heather Wallace Smith

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Edinburgh restaurateur hits out at diners that are ‘killing the catering industr...

This is ridiculous! I am a pescatarian with a dairy allergy so I usually just go vegan to be on the safe side. However, if I want to order a fish course followed by a vegan course I shouldn’t be made to feel criticised for this. I also have a daughter with severe allergies whom I breast feed so have to avoid certain ingredients. So should I just avoid going out to restaurants just to save the owner the extra 10mins to discuss their allergy menu?

Jaclyn Brown-Rodger

Is it so difficult to have a separate menu that suits people with allergies and conditions? They are getting paid for it, what’s the problem?

Christina S Stables

Tourism plea

Friends and relatives of tourism and event workers in Edinburgh are being urged to help safeguard the future of the sector – in the face of claims that its world heritage status is at risk from “over tourism”

Or what they could do is come up with a plan for sustainable tourism that would protect those jobs far into the future. Completely feasible to do; this plea won’t do anything but keep the status quo until the bubble bursts (which it’s about to).

Paula Ryans

Balancing act between economic benefit and Edinburgh remaining a great place to live. How about this for a start: a nightly tourism tax on all accommodation in the city to be spent on keeping the infrastructure up to standard as tourism puts increasing pressure on it? Many European cities do this to make sure that tourism pounds actually make their way into the city and don’t simply benefit large hotels with the only benefit to the city a minimum wage job.

Ben Jones

We need to retain our Heritage status, and because of greed we are on the verge of losing it. Someone needs to sit and take a long hard look at what is happening in our city before it really becomes too late!

Amanda Gillie

The new hotels that start to appear on Princes Street will determine some of this. I’m proud of my city; however, I dislike the carnival and mass invasions we have. It really spoils our infrastructures. Poor Edinburgh. The recent Underbelly fiasco is only one recent issue, where health and safety is last on the company’s list of priorities. Shame on the big bairns who think building playgrounds and tat markets, then taking the profits out of the city is clever.

Karen Mac

They need to support them in arguing for a decent living wage and workers rights!

Raymond Rose

Parliamo Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic course on Duolingo app has 20,000 sign ups ahead of launch

I’ve been trying it out and it looks like a very well developed course so far. Congrats and thanks to all the volunteers involved in the course development!

Alison Kinnaird

First they should make it compulsory that all debates in the Scottish Parliament are in Gaelic, since the SNP are so keen on spreading the language. The silence would be deafening!

Alan Gerrard

Just what I always wanted - now I’ll be able to watch BBC ALBA.

Gary Mckenzie

This should have been taught at all Scottish schools.

Linda Gordon

Just call me Eilidh and pass me a buntata, I’m going to be fluent in no time!

Helen Crompton

Yeah, really useful when Scotland rejoins the EU after the economy is sorted. Lots of folks speak Gaelic all over Europe.

Andrew Crosbie

It should be taught in schools. My welsh nephews are being taught their native tongue as well as English.

Viv Atherton